Svishtov Winery awarded with four medals at the 2015 San Francisco International Wine Competition

The San Francisco International Wine Competition is the biggest and most prestigious wine competition in the US, which was attended by over 4,900 wines from around the world. This year, the Wine Competition marked its 35th anniversary edition and following the traditions, it was held in San Francisco.

Gorchivka Chardonnay 2014 of Svishtov Winery awarded a prize at International Wine Challenge in London

Gorchivka Chardonnay 2014 was awarded the prize of a Commended Winner in 2015 at an international competition held in April in London, England.

Svistov winery

In 45 AD, Romans from Legio VIII Augusta founded the ancient town of Nove, where nowadays the town of Svishtov is located. The Romans have chosen the southern-most part of the Danube River because of its good location and favorable climate conditions. Wine was an important part of the life in Nove. The Romans have contributed a lot for the development of wine culture not only in the region but throughout Europe as well.


20 centuries later, we from the Svishtov Winery consider ourselves to be followers of ancient wine-making traditions, and with great passion do we make wines that bear the specific character of the vineyards of southern slopes of the great river.


In modern times, the first vineyards were planted in the period 1950-1960. These vineyards cover two of the most fertile areas in the region – "Gorchivka " and "Sovata" over an area of 400 hectares. 


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